Buy Back and Burn After Every Sell & Static Rewards.

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6% of every transaction is retained by the contract.  When activated, this stored BNB is used to automatically buy back and burn after every sell.


2% of every transaction is distributed to all holders of HYPERDRIVE. Just hold HYPERDRIVE and watch your balance grow!


3% of every transaction is used for Development and Marketing to ensure to longevity of the project.

Liquidity is also locked for 12 months giving long-term security to the project. 

The HyperDrive Contract automatically buys back and burns tokens to help support the token price.

Each transaction also pays out static rewards to all holders of HyperDrive.



Q3 2021

  • Website Revamp

  • Updated Roadmap

  • Community Governance Complete

  • Onboarding of More Developers

  • Development of Space Themed NFT Wager Game Begins

  • Artwork For Generative NFTs Begins

  • CoinGecko Listing

  • Guerilla Marketing

Q4 2021

  • Artwork for Generative NFTs finished

  • Professional Website Redesign

  • Marketing Push for Generative NFTs

  • rarity.tools Listing

  • Generative NFT artwork Drop

  • Increased Partnerships

  • Staking

  • Wager and Ranking System Complete

  • CoinMarketCap Listing

  • Security Review

  • Testing

  • Contract Audits

  • Beta Launch

Q1 2022

  • Marketing Push For Game

  • HyperDrive Game Rollout

  • Major CEX Listing

  • Game Sound Effects

  • Public Player Profiles

  • Matchmaking System

  • New Maps

  • Increase In Supported Currencies

  • Major Partnerships with Retail Establishments

  • Marketing Push Towards Retail

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  • Twitter
  • GitHub-Mark-Light-64px
  • LinkedIn
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